Conversations with Iza

Throughout this site (to date), I haven’t mentioned my partners name. The main reasons are; Firstly, I wanted to ask her permission and secondly, I also wanted her to read my blog first so she understood what I was trying to do with it. She may have been alarmed or ashamed, I wanted to be sure.

My partner, Iza, and I have been chatting since we started dating about doing something creative together. Many conversations later, we have agreed to commence with the idea of Monkeys in my head productions. So what is it? The primary idea is: A YouTube channel where Iza and I discuss mental health issues and how creativity can support a healthier life for those living with mental health issues.

Iza works in the care industry and has vast knowledge of mental health. She is the perfect person to create this site with.

So why am I doing this? As I have talked about before, I have lived with, suffered with and managed manic depression all of my life. I’ve always found it difficult to talk about and deal with my depression. I masked it when I was younger with anything that was available. Mostly unhealthy things. If there was a place I could turn to for support outside of my family and friends I would have reached out. It was so different when I was younger. Now, there is help and support everywhere you want to find it.

I don’t want to be famous, get awards and I don’t seek adoration, I just want to create art which will, hopefully, enable people to have a brighter day from their personal darkness. I also want to share my experiences and daily dealing with my manic depression.

Sorry for the short post, this is just an update on what’s been happening.

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