Being genuine and honest

Being honest and genuine is something, as a creative dealing with depression, I have to deal with on a daily basis.

No just in daily life but with my work.

There are so many creatives out there making a living copying other creatives work and passing it off as their own original work.

There are many fan artists out there making a living copying large companies work, characters, ideas, and passing them off as their own work.

As you can see from my crazy and mad illustrations that I spend all my time making sure my work is original and cannot found anywhere else.

I find it extremely frustrating to see artists like this all over the place, especially when it is so difficult to create something original and make it a success.

This is only a rant, I’m really sorry if it offends but I’m illustrating everyday and every time I put pen to paper I am realising that it’s going to take an age for my work to make me a living.

I don’t even want to make a huge amount of money, just enough to get by and pay my bills.

I’m trying everything from Patreon to having my own site, from selling on eBay to having my work listed on amazon. At the moment I am probably making £30 a month. It’s just not enough.

But if I was making art that mimicked superhero’s it cartoon characters I would be making a hell of a lot more. It’s annoying. So what to do?

If I a completely honest with myself, I’d would rather struggle and create something original than copy someone else’s art and make money from that.

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