Colouring books

Since 2011 I have been creating doodle art as a way of getting through my darkest days. I didn’t do anything with the doodles for over three years, until one day a few friends and family members suggested that I should create a colouring book of the illustrations. As part of my university course I created a one hundred page book as part of an illustrated essay on colouring and how it can help with mental health issues. It was really well received, so this started me thinking … “Could I create a career creating colouring books?”.

When I decided to start my university course, I knew I wanted to continue my career doing something on my own and for, myself and family to benefit from. I was already creating the doodles, so why no do something with them and create colouring books for others to enjoy.

My sole purpose for my books is to make someones day a little doodlier. To help someone have a better today than yesterday.

I hope you like my books. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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