Today’s daily depressive thoughts

I’m tired and lost

I don’t know which I am the most

The truth about me … I’m lonely. I always want to be alone. Away from this life, I don’t want to call my own

I can’t connect with anything.

I feel hollow and numb. I very attempt to think sends me tired.

The sound of someone eating, the breath of a loved one, the crash of cutlery, the scrape of a plate sends me cold.

I can’t find the right things to say or do, but when I do it’s the same old shit that’s been in my head for years.

I’ve got stress coming from all sides

It’s all in my mind is all I hear

What does “me” mean? How and when do you know who you truly are?

I am already at a time in my life where I don’t care about what people think of me.

It’s like having 100% burns and everything that is said and happens hurts.

My career. I feel like I’ve been on a boat with that crashed into an island. I was the only survivor. All my friends and family keep trying to find me. I see them trying but can’t reach out and tell them where I am.

I’m envious of a leaf that’s managed to escape the tree and floats around on the wind.

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