Living a normal life with the monkeys

In a world where everyone seems to want a voice, wants to be a YouTube star or a successful world-renowned artist, what it normal!?

The dictionary definition is:

conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
“it’s quite normal for puppies to bolt their food”
synonyms: usual, standard, typical, stock, common, ordinary, customary, conventional, habitual, accustomed, expected, wonted, everyday, regular, routine, day-to-day, daily, established, settled, set, fixed, traditional, quotidian, prevailing More

It was a rhetorical question in the beginning, but I think it’s worth asking. My personal explanation is; there’s no such thing as normal. Everyone has their own filter. Their own life experiences which they filter the world around them with. If you’ve got monkeys in your head, as I have, it’s adds a whole other complex dimension to that filter.

If you’ve had a tough childhood, been bullied at all or have any kind of mental illness, then your normal won’t be the same as someone else’s normal who hasn’t been through those things.

I think, a lot of humanities problems arise from society, the powers and the man, expecting everyone to think, feel, understand and act the same. We are meant to fit into a social container. If we don’t we are social outcasts.

I think normal should be you seek for yourself and not for anyone else. To stop thinking that everyone should be like you, me or us, is a step forward. We are emotional creatures and we all think differently. We all act differently. We all want different things. Society has a different impact on all of us, in negative and positive ways.

Today my normal is: sitting in my house, at my computer, drawing, doodling, catching up with friends on Skype (other annoying face to face software is available on expensive devices that no one can really afford but society says you must have one), eating little and often, drumming on my desk, thinking about how much of a loser I am, how I love creating art, pondering about spending time with my love but not wanting to be too needy . . .etc. The list is endless.

Now I can safely bet that your normal isn’t anything like mine. And, I can also bet that tomorrow, my normal won’t be anything like today’s normal. See what I mean.

I personally think, we should all accept that every single one of us is alien and learn from each other, listen instead of projecting, understand instead of judging and accept instead of terrorizing.

I think what I am trying to say is: My normal isn’t your normal, so please stop trying to make it. It will only cause problems, conflict, resistance and confusion.

My monkeys are already confused, I don’t need them be any more confused.

Peace, Love and Unity xx

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